Sabre Subscriber Agreement

Qualifying Sabre subscription agencies, including major leisure agencies and TMCs, must complete an addition to their standard agreement to access contract optimization services. Sabre expects the first launch of the service for subscribers to take place at the end of 2009. Sabre Holdings brings together the world`s greatest travel opportunities by selling travel products and offering sales and technology solutions for the travel industry. For more information about Sabre Holdings, see “This agreement is another example of Sabres` strong commitment to the Brazilian market and provides solutions that enable our agency and our customers to optimize their business performance,” said Luiz Ambar, Vice President, International, Sabre Travel Network “We expect that TAM`s full content for the Brazil point of sale will be available in early Q2 2010 via SABRE GDS.” Castello Branco said. “We believe our customers are the ultimate winners if they can choose where to buy and buy TAM tickets. It is therefore important for TAM to ensure that our distribution partners compete in a level playing field. Sabre subscribers in Brazil have access to exactly the same TAM content and services as all other GDSs and even the e-TAM portal of TAm travel agencies. Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 14, 2009 – TAM, Brazil`s largest airline, has signed a comprehensive long-term content contract with Sabre Travel Network to extend the airline`s reach via the Global Distribution System (GDS) sabre. As part of the agreement, Sabre will be able to provide all tariffs and inventories published by TAM to agencies and sabre-connected companies worldwide, including those in Brazil, thanks to the efficiency of SABRE GDS. TAM ( has been the leader in the Brazilian domestic market since July 2003 and ended November 2009 with a market share of 43.9%.

The company serves 42 destinations in Brazil. Through agreements with regional airlines, TAM serves 79 different destinations in Brazil. TAM`s participation among Brazilian airlines offering international flights was 85.4% in November 2009. TAM`s international operations include direct flights to 18 destinations in the United States, Europe and South America: New York, Miami and Orlando (USA); Paris, France; London, England; Milan (Italy); Frankfurt, Germany; Madrid (Spain); Buenos Aires (Argentina); La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Santiago (Chile), Asuncion and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay); Montevideo, Uruguay; Caracas (Venezuela); Lima, Peru. In addition, TAM has codeshare agreements that allow passengers to fly to other 72 destinations in the United States, South America and Europe. TAM is pioneering the launch of a frequent flyer program in Brazil, and TAM Fidelity Program currently has 6.4 million employees and has awarded more than 9.2 million airline tickets by taking points. Three integrated components come together to facilitate the proper management of all aspects of several overlapping airline outsourcing contracts: TAM looks forward to the benefits of distributing and merchandising their content through Sabre`s extensive customer network in Brazil. “We are pleased to reach this important agreement, as we know that Sabre will provide travel agencies and businesses with effective access to our content and help us expand our distribution range,” said Paulo Castello Branco, TAM`s vice president of sales and planning. “We are pleased to offer our Brazilian customers participating in Sabre`s Brazil Efficiency Program the full content of TAM via SABRE GDS,” said Ambar von Sabre.

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